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Emotional Superman Course - Deposit

Six-week interactive course to turn your emotions into your superpowers. Join other men who are leaving a model that doesn't work for men for a model that is natural for men.


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You Are Not Alone: Other men seek power from their emotions.

If you keep facing the same challenges over and over, or your challenges are becoming overwhelming, it’s time to step up your support structure. Rather than suffer in silence, you can actually enjoy the support that comes from a course designed for a man’s unique emotional experience. You will learn that your authenticity is a gift to others.

Step up to a new level. Take charge, up level your emotional skills. Break the old patterns of stoic self-reliance. Shift those ongoing fights with your partner. Discover how to shift a boss that won’t let up. Connect to the lost passion that fueled your drive. Find the capacity to go for what you want.


Owen Marcus

Owen Marcus--Author of: Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence, creator of: the MQ Test, TEDx speaker, the film: About Men – focuses on the Emotional Superman system

Note: if accepted into the course, there will be three paymments of $1,500 starting once accepted, then monthly.


Previous students speak

"In the past 6 months, one of my daughters has had health problems including sleep apnea, which prevented me from getting enough rest. The other daughter has been having challenges sleeping. In this time, I have been working hard on growing as a man. Participating in Owen Marcus' Emotional Superman Course provided me with the structure and support to continue to push on to work on achieving my goals. While I have not achieved these goals, I have learned to be kinder and gentler with myself, to connect with my body and how it is feeling, and to connect and improve my relationship with my wife even as she pushed through struggles of her own." Ben Redmond, School Counselor

"I was thinking last night just about how great this year has been for me. Much of it started with your class, and meeting the men there, forgiving friendships, and working on myself. I’ve met so man wonderful men and people in general actually. Life seems so much more accepting and richer than I ever thought possible." Chuck

"Before joining the Emotional Superman course, I struggled with connecting emotionally with others. I was stuck in a pattern of seeking validation from people who were also emotionally disconnected. As the course progressed, I was able to allow myself to feel the emotion in my body. It was amazing to have that emotional connection between what I was feeling and my body. I also came to realize what I was seeking in romantic relationships. Once I became aware of this, I have become disinterested in the women I use to be attracted to. Although this emotion and connection still brings up a lot of fear for me, this course has helped me become more aware of my body and emotions." John

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